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Pingo d’água [water drop]

Environmental education program.

In partnership with COPATI – consortium for environmental protection of the tibagi river basin, our program has already covered approximately 260,000 students and 15,000 educators since 2013. Considered the largest and most important environmental education program of the state of Paraná, and one of the most important environmental education programs of Brazil, the initiative also reached 1st place in the 11th ecology expression award, in the category “Environmental education – NGOS”.

Programs for Iguaçu Group employees

Oral Health Program

The Cabefi Oral Health Program (Caixa Beneficente dos Funcionários do Grupo Iguaçu) (Employees Benefit Fund Group Iguaçu) covers all employees and dependents with special attention to dental care aimed at the prevention of dental problems of children between the ages of 3 and 12.

For this age group, this program has the name of The No Carries Generation Program and it aims to improve oral health, reducing the incidence of caries, preventing the early loss of teeth and orthodontic problems.

The No Caries Generation Program has been ongoing since 1996.

Happy Pregnancy Program

The Happy Pregnancy Program aims to prepare and guide pregnant women for childbirth and motherhood, as well as promoting a greater awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy.

The program that has existed since 2007 is aimed at employees and dependents of the Iguacu Group.

Program Well with Life

The Program Well with Life (PPA) has existed since 1998 and aims to guide retired employees by the Social Security who remain active and the retired who are already disconnected from the company, to the general aspects of retirement (biological, psychological, social-individual family and professional) and also to diagnose those who have pretensions to stop working.

The work is performed by a team of professionals from various areas of the company.