Quality and Certifications

Quality Policy

Cia. Iguaçu was the first Brazilian company in the food sector to obtain the Integrated Management System Certification – which includes the following certifications ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment).

In order to better serve the international market the Company also obtained the following certifications; BRC – British Retail Consortium (Global Standard for Food Safety), Halal certificate (for Islamic countries) and Kosher certificate (products for Kosher markets).

There is also the 5S Program, which is not a certification but a quality program from Japan, which aims to: eliminate waste (material, time, labour, work), increase productivity and improve quality. Since 1992 this has existed in the Company and was the basis for creating the awareness that helped in the implementation of other programs.

SEIRI (Sort);
SEITON (Set in order);
SEISÔ (Shine);
SEIKETSU (Standardize);
SHITSUKE (Sustain).


Food Safety



Cia Iguaçu’s Policy

Café Iguacu produces and sells instant coffee and coffee related products to domestic and world wide destinations, and it is committed to preserving the environment, health and safety of its employees, aiming for clients and other interested parties satisfaction.

The practice of our values namely commitment, credibility, ethics, excellence and responsibility, combined with continuous improvement of our management system, shall enable us to achieve our objectives namely:

  • Compliance with applicable legislation, norms and requirements;
  • Sustainable growth of the Company;
  • Increase  environmental performance and prevent pollution, focusing on the control of atmospheric emissions, water and solid waste;
  • Produce products complying with safety and legal requirements, according to specified quality and compliance with your customers;
  • Profitability;
  • Promote customers, suppliers, employees, community and shareholders’ satisfaction;
  • Prevent injuries and diseases through adequate health and safety management of employees, third party labors and visitors in the work place.


Research And Development

Cia. Iguaçu has research and development laboratories, with a highly specialized technical team, constantly engaged in the study and development of new processes and products.

Allied with the participation in scientific conferences, technical exchanges with other companies and institutions, both nationally and internationally, maintains this group continuously updated, anticipating the trends and demands in the markets where it operates.

The development laboratory has a production plant producing instant coffee, on a pilot scale. The carrying out of replication testing qualities with great agility, enables the fine tuning of the attributes of the qualities before reaching the industrial scale, complementing the expectations in the development of new products.