Why Buy Coffee From Brazil?

  • Brazil occupies 8,500,000km² of land located in the tropical and temperate regions, as such it enjoys an abundance of water and solar radiation;
  • Rainfall season and dry spell are well defined, which results in the cherries maturing in a homogenous manner;
  • We are the biggest coffee producers in the world. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer of Arabica and the world’s second largest producer of Robusta coffee.
  • Brazil exports green coffee to over 60 countries;
  • Arabica and Robusta coffees are grown in distinct regions of the country.

High quality Arabica is grown in the following states:

  • Bahia;
  • Minas Gerais (Cerrado) , Matas de Minas, Chapadas de Minas, Southern Minas);
  • Parana (Northern Parana);
  • São Paulo (Mogiana);
  • Central Region – Cerrado coffees – Fine coffees of Brazil (Appelation Cerrado Controlée).

Robusta – the largest producers are the states of:

  • Espírito Santo;
  • Rondônia.

Many growing and harvesting methods;

  • Strip harvesting or mechanized methods – green and overripe cherries – processing and treatment of beans carefully carried out;
  • Coffee Drying via dry process or natural drying (patios) depending on weather conditions, and via semi dry process when cherries may be washed or have their pulp removed;
  • Ochratoxin levels among the lowest in the world;
  • Various awards won in an annual competition hosted by Illy café;
  • Over the medium and long run Brazil will always be more competitive than other origins.