Why Buy Cia Iguaçu Products?

Iguaçu is prepared to meet our customers’ needs in several markets:

  • Pilot plant to develop several different products at pilot scale;
  • Modern Research and Development laboratory;
  • Quality Control laboratory;
  • SIG Integrated Management System, involving important certificates:

ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety), BRC – British Retail Consortium (Global Standard for Food Safety), Halal certificate (for Islamic countries) and Kosher certificate (products for Kosher markets).

The water used in our coffee production comes from 3 artesian wells, cropping out at 50°C.

The distinguishing qualities of our process are:

  • Extraction:
    – Application of special techniques at low temperatures FBI/aromas
  • Concentration:
    – Cold
  • Drying
    – Spray
    – Agglomeration
    – Freeze
  • Packaging
    – Vision system, in real time, package control, cans and jars out of standard are rejected before packaging starts.
    – Image analyzer rejects cans, jars and pouches that contain any unknown material after packaging.
    – Clean room concept – access restricted to authorized people duly geared to enter the premises.

» Tracking the entire productive process, since the purchase of the green coffee to the delivery of the final product .

» Iguaçu Group commercializes over 1 million bags of green coffee a year .

» We buy coffee from the best producing regions. We test for orchatoxin in all coffee shipments we buy.

» Our storage capacity is 85 thousand sacks of green coffee.

» We classify coffee in our own warehouses (electronic selection, sieves, cleanliness)

» Warehouse for green coffee, 150 m far from our plant.

» Sales offices with logistical support in Brazil and overseas.