Ethics channel

Contact us when noticing any conduct in disagreement with the values of Iguaçu Group.

Welcome to the Ethics Channel Iguaçu Group.

All Iguaçu’s Group companies (Cia. Iguaçu, Iguaçumec and Panfoods) believe in the power of dialogue and frank communication as a way to overcome and solve any eventual noncompliance of our ethical and moral values.

Therefore, we provide communication channels that enable all employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, community and other business partners to communicate any fact that could harm the Group’s companies, their employees, shareholders, customers and other public related to the company. For this, the Ethics Channel has been created, where you can, anonymously or not, communicate any fact which you consider to be contrary to our legislation, Code of Ethics and any standard procedures of the company.

All information received by the channel will be kept confidential and treated impartially, being cleared and treated with full attention. If you identify yourself, we will give feedback on how your occurrence has been handled and how the problem has been solved.

Contact us at any time and help us keep our ethical values, making the Iguaçu Group a better company. It’s simple, secure and anonymous.

Contact also through the following channels:

Telephone: 0800 545 5011

Click here to report an occurrence